Workshops – 2019

Workshops for this conference are designed for maximum interaction.  We have chosen facilitators from many different spheres to create spaces where you can learn, question and share with folks who have the same passion.

Topics will range from marketplace leadership, proven Evangelism and Outreach approaches, social justice concerns and current challenges, prayer workshops, and inspiring stories from cities around the world and in Canada. With over 25 options, you will find yourself challenged to pick only three breakouts from the menu.

Worship Track

Care Baldwin

Jason McNabb

Care Baldwin leads the growing worship ministry at Sequoia Community Church in Barrhaven. With seventeen years of volunteer worship team experience and her involvement in the local Theatre and Arts community, Care loves working with teams and is passionate about seeing people use their gifts and talents to encourage others and glorify God. Her position as the Promotions Director and afternoon host for CHRI Radio 99.1 FM provides her with opportunities to connect with church and ministry leaders and witness how God is using His people to transform lives for Christ.
Jason McNabb serves as the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts at the Metropolitan Bible Church (the Met) in Ottawa. He is passionate about seeing God’s people gather together to worship the Lord, singing songs of praise and thanksgiving, lifting up prayers of faith, and proclaiming the truths of the Gospel to one another. As a musician, vocalist and director, Jason has led bands, worship teams, choirs and orchestras. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Briercrest Seminary, and was ordained in 2015.

Core Worship: Encouraging and equipping worship leaders for meaningful Kingdom ministry

Sharing about their experiences and current initiative, Care and Jason will call worship leaders to build ministry and build people.  They are very interested in meeting other worship leaders to talk about encouraging and resourcing the worship community in Ottawa in the years ahead.

Prayer Track

Dr. Isaac Gimba

Prayer Leader: Dr. Isaac Gimba, a seasoned business man and Banker turned Pastor, is the founder & President of the Meeting Point Ministries International based in Ottawa.  A global intercessory ministry, dedicated to interceding, advocating and facilitating unity within the body of Christ. Pastor Gimba conducts weekly global prayer meeting on social media for Pastors, Ministers & God’s Generals. He is an Executive Member of the International Pastors & Leaders Forum (IPLF), Canada. Isaac and his wife, Diana Gimba (Ph.D), have been happily married for 28 years and are proud parents of 4 young men.

Prayer-Lab 1 Pray for Collaborative Mission in Our Cities (Friday)

During this conference God is stirring hunger in us to walk collaboratively in answer to Jesus’ prayer that we may be one. Devote this breakout to respond collectively to him, to thank him for the whole body of Christ in our cities.  Ask him to build those relationships among us, so that our generation may know that the Father sent the Son. We will pray together as a group; facilitated with intentionality and sensitivity, expecting our prayers will make a difference.

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson joined the Love Ottawa executive team in 2014 to lead Pray Ottawa. Previously, she worked for 20 years with people with visual impairments, instructing them in the use of their guide dogs. Sarah is a native of Ottawa and has been petitioning God in various prayer initiatives over many years, including leadership for the prayer ministry in her local congregation, Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church. This is her passion because she believes “we have a God who hears and answers prayer.”

Prayer-Lab 2: Pray for Evangelism in Our Cities (Saturday)

During this conference God is stirring our hearts with inspiration to reach deep into our cities with the gospel. Devote this breakout opportunity to respond collectively to him, to thank him for the ripe harvest in our cities and ask him to send forth labourers. We will pray together as a group; facilitated with intentionality and sensitivity, expecting our prayers will make a difference.

Pray Ottawa: Raising the Level of Prayer in the City

How is Pray Ottawa part of Ottawa’s story, and how does that inform us going forward? There is a level of unified prayer among churches, and there is room for much more. Sarah Jackson, Pray Ottawa Lead, shares insights gleaned over five years as Love Ottawa’s “prayer missionary”. Includes Q&A discussion, and prayer for each other.

Prayer Leaders Round Table

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the other prayer leaders in attendance, to listen and learn from one another about the prayer needs we face in our cities and God-given ideas for collaborative prayer. Let the morning plenary sessions also fuel our conversation around the table, as we process what we’ve heard from a prayer leaders’ perspective. Facilitated by Sarah Jackson, Pray Ottawa Lead.

Gary Schmitz

Gary Schmitz has served as pastor in Kansas City, MO/KS area for more than 30 years and is ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church.  He currently serves as the Executive Director of Citywide Prayer Movement in Kansas City. He facilitates prayer summit retreats, teaches workshops and connects pastors, leaders and intercessors. He is a leader and networker in the growing movement of prayer and community transformation.

Building a Culture of Prayer in our Cities

Kansas City is known around the world for the prayer initiatives coming out of the city.  The lesser known story is the one about the prayer movement within KC and the pastors’ prayer movements and city-wide mobilization of prayer for the region. Love KC is just one of the results of the ongoing commitment to intercession.  Gary will be sharing the details and dynamics of building a culture of prayer in your city.

Marketplace Track

Mark Visvasam Nannan

Mark Visvasam Nannan from Kingdom’s Harvest International is a co-leader Movement Day India, allowing him to move around the cities of a nation with now 1.3 billion people.  He has a passion to see the collaboration of marketplace and congregational leaders work together to permeate the society they live in with the gospel.  Mark has been to Ottawa several times over the last few years, bringing encouragement to our own Love Ottawa team.

The Chennai Story: How marketplace leaders are impacting the city through prayer and action.

Working in a Hindu environment in Chennai – a city of 12 million in south India, Mark will share about the engagement of marketplace leaders who lead prayer meetings in over 100 workplaces and work together to serve their city.  The Chennai Transformation Network is over 20 years old and has been a model for many other cities and nations.

Derk Maat

Derk Maat is CEO/President of an environmental technology and engineering company working in countries around the world providing environmentally sustainable products and solutions in areas of water and waste management, and renewable power. He has 42 years of experience as a top level environmental engineer based on a spiritual calling he received in 1968. The companies that he leads with his two sons Derek, and Justin, are purpose driven and kingdom value based.

Derk, with his wife Annita, who is his chief corporate intercessor for their companies, employees, clients and vendors, have been actively advancing and leading transformational change through Transformation Canada.

Creative Innovation

Partnering the church with the marketplace(business/government/education) to advance the Kingdom of Jesus discipling and transforming our nation of Canada.

Transformation Canada is a movement bringing the church/ministries and marketplace together to transform the nation by advancing the kingdom-implementing righteousness and justice based solutions in all areas of human interaction, systems and institutions that leads to peace which leads to joy.

Jennifer Parr

Jennifer Parr is the Team Lead for Yield Ottawa, One Way Ministries marketplace ministry, and the Director of Halftime Canada.   Jennifer is an experienced executive leadership coach who serves leaders in both the marketplace and ministry.   She has developed a unique niche, coaching leaders who yearn to live and work intentionally, focused on serving the Lord through their work and their life.   She is passionate about partnering with leaders to shift their focus from “success” to “significance”.   Prior to joining One Way Ministries Jennifer’s career included working for an international consulting firm, serving as the Vice President of Human Resources for Enbridge Consumers Gas, and co-founding a coaching company, Leadership That Matters

The Marketplace as an Untapped Ministry Field

Successful marketplace leaders are often tapped on the shoulder to contribute their time, talent and treasure to the church and to para-church Ministries – and they do!   But the marketplace can also be viewed as an “extended church” which exists out in the world every day of the week.   This workshop will be a facilitated, and open, Q&A session with four successful Marketplace leaders and/or business owners who see their workplace and their business relationships as an important ministry field.   Whether you are a marketplace leader looking for ideas on how to view and use your workplace as a place of ministry or a pastor looking to learn how to inspire the workplace leaders in your congregation this workshop is for you.

Mark Peterkins

Mark Peterkins: Mark’s heart is to see Jesus become more famous, especially in Ottawa. He has a passion for leadership and for the health and growth of Christian leaders and their teams. He devotes his time to mentoring, learning and setting a course for ministry endeavours. He serves as the Executive Director of One Way Ministries.  Mark is married to Tracy and they have three children. He and Tracy have business interests that involve them in the marketplace from time to time. Mark serves both at his local church and sits on the boards of a number of non-profit organizations.

Funding your City-Reaching Efforts

This workshop will touch on the crucial issues like, the importance of funding, our approach to funding in Ottawa and how you could benefit from working with the Canadian Christian Foundation in your efforts.

This session will be interactive as Mark invites others present to share their best practices in their context.  Together we will grow in our understanding of how to walk with the Lord in seeing full provision for the work He has called us to in our cities.

Outreach Track

Kevin Palau

Kevin Palau is the son of international evangelist Luis Palau and has directed the day-to-day operation of the Luis Palau Association since the late 1990’s. Under his leadership LPA has produced some of the largest Christian events ever staged, created a worldwide network of hundreds of partner evangelists and developed new models for citywide outreach that integrate major community service initiatives with open-air evangelistic gatherings.

The Portland Story: Reflections After 10 Years

Kevin Palau will share about the relationships that the Church in Portland, Oregon has developed with civic leaders, including the Mayor, and the fruit that has resulted from these relationships. Portland is a very secular city, much like many Canadian cities, and the lessons learned will generally be transferable to our own experience.  The persistent collaborative effort in Portland is now yielding much sustainable blessing for the surrounding community.

Ryan Moffat

Ryan Moffat began a career in Advertising in Toronto in 2001 working on clients such as General Motors, Mazda, Home Depot, JC Penney, HBC, UNICEF and the PAOC. Ryan and Leslie attended an Alpha in a downtown Toronto church 15 years ago and came to a renewal of their faith. Through his experience on Alpha he discovered God’s love and his faith was renewed, his marriage restored and ultimately it has led him on a journey that has seen him become the Regional Director for Alpha in Ontario. Ryan serves the local church in Ontario, helping them evangelize their communities through the use of Alpha.

Alpha: A Proven City-Wide Evangelism Approach

Ryan Moffat has supported the Church in Ottawa, London and the Greater Toronto Area during several city-wide Alpha campaigns that have seen thousands of people hearing the gospel and many coming to know Jesus. As the Regional Director for Alpha in Ontario, he works closely with churches across the province – predominantly in urban centres, helping senior leaders to reach their communities through Alpha. God has placed a unique love for the “city” on Ryan’s heart. Churches from all denominations and traditions are looking again to link arms in 2019 and Ryan and his team are excited to see what God will do in cities across the province this Fall.

Trevor Seath

Trevor Seath began serving as the Multiply Ontario Regional Director in August 2015. Prior to this, Trevor served as Lead Pastor of Bridletowne Park Church (AGC, Toronto) for 12 years. From Bridletowne, he joined the team at The Peoples Church as Church Networking Pastor from 2012 – 15. Trevor is passionate about serving as a pastor, coach, trainer, and church planting catalyst. He and Julie have four children: three terrific daughters, and one fantastic son.

Multiply: Identifying and Equipping Church Planters to Bless the City

Can churches really contribute in the city? And do we really need more churches? Learn about how God is working to bless the city by uniting His Church in a vision for making disciples and equipping leaders to plant reproducing churches.  We’ll talk about why unity for church planting must be gospel-centred, Spirit-led, and mission-focused. Multiply (formerly C2C Network) has been partnering with the city-wide effort in Ottawa for the last 5 years running church planter’s training and coaching cadres on a monthly basis.

Aaron & Eileen Lawler

Aaron & Eileen Lawler have been working in ministry for 25 years and are currently living in Ottawa with 4 of their children.  They have a heart for Muslims and the Islamic world and a desire to see the church and believers step out in ministry as part of their daily ‘normal’ life.

Mobilize Ottawa

Mobilize Ottawa is designed to work alongside the local church to help mobilize local and International ministry.  Each of us has a story, each of us have a call to share the love God has with those around us.  Mobilize Ottawa aims to help train and mobilize evangelism within the city alongside the local churches of the city. If you have a heart for missions, come and dream about what we could do collaboratively in the years ahead.

Wayne Mosley

Kathy Blakely

Wayne Mosley (Co-founder): Wayne is a life-time believer/follower of Jesus Christ and has served in business and ministry all of his adult life. He believes the best way to introduce people to Jesus is to show them His love in a tangible way. In 2009 Wayne co-founded The Big Give, a national movement of generosity, with Kathy Blakely and along with a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers they have led this ministry to have a nation-wide impact by helping churches build bridges in their communities.
Kathy Blakely (Founder) Kathy has been involved in outreach her entire life. Growing up in small town Nova Scotia, ministry was always first and foremost in her home. She has been a wife to Pastor David Blakely for almost 40 years serving in several churches during those years. Kathy now serves alongside of David in his ministry as the Assistant to the Superintendent for Resources of the Eastern Ontario District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Kathy has a passion to see the unchurched experience the love of God in unique ways.

The Big Give: A National Movement of Generosity

The Big Give, a national movement of generosity is a not-for-profit Christian outreach ministry offering support and resources to assist the local church in building a bridge to their community by showing God’s unconditional love in a tangible way. On the first Saturday of June each year, churches of all denominations under the umbrella of The Big Give host a local customized community event where everything is offered free to those who need it most and ask nothing in return.  It first began in 2009 here in Ottawa.

Justice & Mercy Track

Natalie Appleyard

Natalie Appleyard has been blessed in coming to a deeper knowledge and intimacy with Christ through the mentorship, friendship, and spiritual disciplines of people from a variety of Christian traditions. She dreams of a renewed witness of love & unity for the church as we better understand and live out what it means to love our neighbours, and to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

Service & Justice Go Hand in Hand

Direct service provides us an opportunity to form relationships with our neighbours, helping us better know, love, and serve them. It can also make us aware of deeper issues behind the needs we are addressing that our loving service, while valuable, cannot fix. “Advocacy” can be a daunting term and is sometimes confused with partisan politics, but in this workshop, we will explore how service and advocacy go hand-in-hand in loving and walking with our neighbours. Drawing from real historic and contemporary examples, we will explore how God’s call for love and justice can be lived out through both service and advocacy.  Panelists will include Darlene O’Leary, Citizens for Public Justice; Rev. Monique Stone, Julian of Norwich Anglican Church; and Rebekah Sears, Mennonite Central Committee Ottawa.

Chelsea Oleniuk

Chelsea Oleniuk has been with MoveIn Ottawa for over 8 years now. She is passionate for her generation to imitate Christ and literally move in to the neighbourhood, specifically among the unreached, urban poor. She has worked in many different sectors including hospitality, non-profit, government, and government relations and currently leads her own firm called Hearth Communications. She and her husband Paul have two adopted children and a newborn boy.

MoveIn: Prayer, Presence, and the Urban Poor

MoveIn is about copying Jesus’ example by literally moving in to the neighbourhood. Something amazing happens when a group of Christians intentionally moves into a neighbourhood to pray and be. In doing so, they have chosen to become part of the neighbourhood. Rather than visiting or serving and then going away, they share in their neighbourhood’s joys, and in its troubles; they are there as salt and light. These Christians can act as the hands and feet of Christ – with a cup of cold water in one hand and the good news in the other. Starting with one “patch” in Toronto, there are now MoveIn teams in 48 cities around the world.


Hildy Sloots

Hildy Sloots is a child of God, wife of Matt, mom of a whole bunch of incredible people, foster mom, sister and friend.  She loves God and gained a new exuberance to live like Jesus when he altered her heart as a foster parent. She is eager to see how God will bring restoration and reconciliation to Ottawa through the vision of Connect Care Ottawa.

Connect Care Ottawa: a city-wide vision to see churches embrace children and families in crisis.

Connect Care Ottawa desires to see that every child in the welfare system has a family and every family has a church. In this workshop we will discuss how to connect churches to meaningful relationships within their community, equip them to establish a culture of care, and mobilize them to take effective action so that all the requests of hurting children and families will be embraced by a church.  We will learn about Care Portal, a revolutionary online development that makes local churches aware of the needs in their neighbourhood in real time by partnering the church with social services. God’s heart is for the orphan, fatherless and vulnerable. Let’s follow his heart together!

Rev. Joseph Kiirya

Rev. Joseph Kiirya immigrated from Uganda 20 years ago. He is the Founder and Lead Pastor of River Jordan Ministries in Ottawa. Joseph is a recipient of the Ottawa City Builder Award for his ministry to vulnerable populations in our city. He serves on the Love Ottawa Executive team with a heart for cross-cultural unity in the Body of Christ. Among many other roles, Joseph is an executive member of the International Pastors and Leaders Forum. Married to Jackline, they are blessed with three children.

theCode: Tackling the challenge of the fatherless.

The Leadership Team of theCODE, led by Pastor Joseph Kiirya, will be presenting the vision, mission and GOAL of the city-wide Mentoring Ministry involving godly men, single Moms, Fatherless Boys and the Community at large. This new effort has finished their pilot program and is now developing a second cadre for mentors and mentees. A great “work in progress” with the Architect being the ONE who declared to us…”Take care of the Fatherless!”

Jasmine Duckworth

Jasmine Duckworth has served people who experience disability for 15 years at Christian Horizons.  As part of her role as Community Development Manager she was a member the organizing committee for the Belong: Strangers No More conference in 2018 and again in 2019.  The aim of the conference, and of Christian Horizons, is to create communities of belonging for people who are often marginalized.

Inner-City Missions and the Local Church

These are the people who know about life on the streets of our city. Come and hear first-hand from the directors of some of our most significant inner-city ministries as they talk about the current state of things and their vision for a better future.  This is your chance to ask questions and learn more about how you and your ministry can partner with them to see transformation at the core of Ottawa.

Demographics  Track

Rev. Joseph Kiirya

Rev. Joseph Kiirya immigrated from Uganda 20 years ago. He is the Founder and Lead Pastor of River Jordan Ministries in Ottawa. Joseph is a recipient of the Ottawa City Builder Award for his ministry to vulnerable populations in our city. He serves on the Love Ottawa Executive team with a heart for cross-cultural unity in the Body of Christ. Among many other roles, Joseph is an executive member of the International Pastors and Leaders Forum. Married to Jackline, they are blessed with three children.

Newcomers: The new Mission Field and the new Harvest Workers

New comers to Canada provide the church an opportunity for evangelism, church revitalization and church growth. In this session, you will meet a cross section of International Pastors who will tell you about the opportunities, challenges and firsthand accounts of what God is doing in the immigrant community.

Gerry Organ

Gerry Organ, Ordained Minister, former Ottawa Rough Rider, on staff with One Way Ministries, Executive Team member for Love Ottawa, Reflective Practitioner, former Executive Director of Christian Business Ministries Canada, Married to Lore!

Vibrancy in Mens’ Ministry – AMAZING!

What does it take to bring the gospel to the MEN of our CITY? Then, what does it take to launch them into a LIFE inspired and infused by their LOVE FOR JESUS? Gerry Organ will engage faithful Leaders of men’s ministries in Ottawa who are vibrant and incredibly passionate in the great task of motivating men to engage in KINGDOM WORK. One of Ottawa’s hidden stories is how their has been a multiplication of high quality ministries to men.  Meet the leaders who are seeing the Lord touch hundreds of men in our community.

Dr. Timothy Li-Hui Tang

Dr. Timothy Li-Hui Tang – Director, Tyndale Intercultural Ministry Centre
Dr. Timothy Tang was born in Toronto where he now lives with his wife Joanne, who is a high school teacher. They have two sons and a daughter. Pastor Timothy has been the English pastor at the East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church where he has been ministering since 2001. Though Timothy planned a career in healthcare, God called him to full-time ministry, after which he finished his M.Div. in Youth and Family Ministry at Tyndale Seminary.  Since that time, Timothy has been involved with John424, a worship ministry; the Tribe of Issachar, a leadership training ministry; and completed a 2-year program called Arrow Leadership. Timothy has also recently completed a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership at Gordon-Conwell Seminary.

Developing Intercultural Leadership

Developing leaders who are capable in today’s changing climate, means responding to the ever-growing complexity of multicultural and multiethnic communities. Especially – but not exclusively – in our Canadian urban centers, migration and immigration has changed our neighbourhoods into dynamic organisms that require cultural sensitivity and intercultural competency. Training Canadian leaders necessitates both diaspora and local participation being equipped side by side in order for real collaborative efforts to bear fruit in God’s Kingdom.

Pastor Luke Haggett

Pastor Luke Haggett has pastored for 10 years, 8 of those years as a youth pastor in the Ottawa area.  He believes in helping youth face their doubts, find answers to their questions and in challenging them to actively live out their faith.  Luke recently chaired a team in Ottawa with the goal to inspire young people to launch Youth Alpha courses in their school.  In 2016 Luke became the Lead Pastor of Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church but his passion for youth and young adults remains central to his enthusiasm for ministry.

Ottawa’s Next Generation Leaders of Today

We often see people do amazing things and think, “I could never do that” or “they have a gifting I just don’t have”.   Please don’t ever let this stop you from going after an idea God has placed on your heart.  Rather, Come, be inspired by what God is doing in Ottawa through young adults, who stepped out in faith, said yes to God, had a bold vision and ran it.   Several young leaders will share briefly about what God inspired them to do and how he is using them.  You will be encouraged, yes, but hopefully you will also leave challenged to either inspire other young people to chase the vision God is given them, or be that next young leader taking action on the idea God has given you.

Rick Hiemstra

Rick Hiemstra is Director of Research and Media Relations at the EFC. Prior to assuming these roles he served as the Director of the Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism (CRCE). Rick speaks on Canadian church and cultural trends, including the new Young Adult Transition Research about faith and the crucial year after high school.

Renegotiating Faith

Many students disengaged from faith and church during important transitions in life.  There are few more important transitions for a young person than moving from high school to life after high school. Unfortunately, much of our ministry to youth tends to end when their time in high school ends. In this session we will look at what new Canadian research tells us about this transition period and what is playing the most significant roles in terms of our students’ faith formation. See for more information about the research.

City-Reaching  Track

Roger Sutton

Stephen Sutton

Roger Sutton founded and leads the GATHER movement, a network of 130 city Gospel Movements across the UK.  He and his team are the convenors of Movement Day in the UK and Northern Europe.
Stephen Sutton is a member of the GATHER leadership team and draws together the churches in Teesside in the north east of England. He leads Coulby Newham Baptist Church in Middlesbrough.

City Stories: What’s happening in 130 cities in the UK and around the world.

The global city gospel movement is having a huge impact around the world. Come and hear some powerful stories of how churches working together are transforming their cities in the UK and beyond. You will learn about the dynamics that are enabling significant impact in an environment that is firmly post-Christendom. Churches are learning to thrive, rather than just survive in this challenging new atmosphere.

Ken Roth

Ken Roth, recently retired from Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church has served in pastoral ministry for 40 years.  Over the past 15 years he has seen Mission Ottawa/ Love Ottawa nurturing close relationships between Christian leaders and churches, facilitating corporate prayer and helping to bring together about 15 teams to do the mission of bringing Jesus to the city and the city to Jesus. As a result, he has had the privilege of having a front row seat to seeing God enabling the church to develop the kind of unity spoken of in John 17.

City Stories: Love Ottawa – Multiplying Teams for Maximum Engagement

We will be sharing some of the history and dynamics that have enabled Love Ottawa to be a catalyst for multiplying inter-church teams that are reaching our city together. We will be discussing how prayer, team building, consistency, servant leadership, developing leadership health, fostering loving relationships, marketplace leader involvement, apostolic seeding and pivotal events have been instrumental in bringing this about. In this workshop you will have opportunity to ask questions of some key leaders in this movement, including Richard Long and other members of the Love Ottawa team.

Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith has led Christian Direction in Montreal for 35 years, pioneering the work of city-reaching in Canada.  He has facilitated previous roundtables and taught and coached city teams across the nation and around the world. Christian Direction is a multi-faceted ministry committed to see God transform urban communities by the concerted actions of committed Christians in cities of the Francophone world. Glenn is a professor of urban theology and missiology in two faculties, one in Montreal and the other in Haiti. He and his family are involved in pastoral ministry with a francophone church in Montreal, Quebec.

Mission Opportunity: Towards an authentic missional encounter. From impossibility to contextual possibility.

“The comprehensiveness of the mission of the Church in the city requires the proclamation of the gospel, the planting and nurture of congregations, and the application of the principles of Christ’s lordship to all areas of community life. It means concern for all that is city, even for the cosmos above and beneath the city, from the quality of the air people breathe to the purity of the water in the river and canals.”

Tom White

Tom White of Frontline Ministries conducts and international ministry catalyzing and developing citywide gospel movements, and teaching on the topics of spiritual formation, unity in the Body of Christ and spiritual warfare.  Tom has emerged as a recognized innovator and practitioner in city transformation – building collaborative partnerships among kingdom leaders to more effectively reach their communities for over four decades. He has led prayer summits and leadership consultations with Ottawa leaders on numerous occasions and is well-loved by local leaders.

Building a Sustainable Citywide Movement for Maximum Kingdom Impact: Core Components

Tom White literally wrote the book on city-reaching, titled “The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements”.  He will be sharing the latest insights from his global travels to city-wide movements all over the world, including the local effort in his area of Corvallis, Oregon. Come and get the download!